Passenger Elevators

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Passengers lifts are most commonly require the most typical type of installation management process. They are, as the name says, lifts it is suitable for transferring passengers as well as goods.

They are found in a different of places like apartments, buildings, big shops, nursing clinics, schools, offices etc.The majority of public and many private apartments with more than two levels can have passenger elevators.

We ensure that the building is preferable for the access for all those who use it daily.


ALNAS Elevator ajman maintains different types, brands, and ages of elevator works. Our service agents and workers are really experienced and fully trained to maintain a rigid maintenance program designed for your elevators requirements.We service some urgent elevator equipments that other companies cannot do for you. In addition to a pre scheduled monthly/quarterly services, Alnas Elevator has technicians on total 24 hours a day to assist in urgency breakdown and damages or other emergency situations.

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