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The Alnas Elevator Contracting is a popular name providing services that satisfy your elevator requirements like supply, installationprocess, modernization and proper maintenance of Elevators. We are one of the most standard and reliable companies who offer best elevator in ajman specialized in providing service& installation process of Elevators and their particular and proper maintenance.

The elevators of our branchspecializes in supply, installation and maintenance of all kinds of Passenger Lifts including commercial and non commercial passenger lifts, house lifts, staircase lifts, disabled platform lifts, Hospital and cargo lifts. We are the proper agents in Ajman for the world's advancedproviders of Elevators, holding standard international certifications

WOur companies are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We provide services and technologies that are enhancing according to current scenario's methodologies and advancements. Our products cope up with the adjacent space between art and value of money in a perfect measure.

Our elevator companies ajman branch maintains different varieties of products and art of technologies. We provide elevators like home elevators, passenger elevators, dumb waiter, Hospital elevators, bed elevators, cargo lifts, moving walks, freightsetc.

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