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Alnas Elevator Contracting is a renowned name offering services like Supply, installation , modernization and maintenance of Elevators. We are among the most reputed and reliable companies engaged in supply & installation of Elevators and their maintenance

Alnas Elevator specializes in supply installation and maintenance of all kinds of Passenger Lifts including commercial passenger lift, home lifts, stair lifts, disabled platform lifts, Hospital and goods lifts.

We are the exclusive agents in UAE for the following of the worlds leading manufacturers of Elevator, holding international certifications

  • NAS ELEVATOR (Italy)
  • NAS ELEVATOR (India)
  • NAS-FUJI (China)

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company. It continuously innovates and develops with the technology of Elevators. Our products offer the perfect balance between the state of art technology and value for money.

The company has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirement from various users. The product scope covers Passenger Elevator, Observation Elevator, Bed Elevator, Freight Elevator, Small machine room Elevator, Machine room less elevator, Home Elevator, dumbwaiter, Escalator and moving walk.

The superior service guarantees the outstanding products performance.

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