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A cargo elevator, or goods, is an elevator properly designed and constructed to carry goods, rather than people. Cargo elevators are generally required to display a written announcement in the car that the use by passengers is partially not recommended (as it requires some legal procedures) ,assomecargo elevators allow dual use through the use of an unconscious riser.


In dependence with the theory of Occupational Health & Safety Act ,all elevator and their products and services must be checked at regular time intervals. These intervals differaccordingto the type of units installed.Maintenance is adequate to every elevator systems and a factor for protecting your investment strategies. Early maintenance is required as a part of having systems that operate smoothly, and within the designed operating specifications. ALNAS Elevator ajman maintains different types, brands, and ages of elevator works. Our service agents and workers are really experienced and fully trained to maintain a rigid maintenance program designed for your elevators requirements.We service some urgent elevator equipments that other companies cannot do for you. In addition to a pre scheduled monthly/quarterly services, Alnas Elevator has technicians on total 24 hours a day to assist in urgency breakdown and damages or other emergency situations.

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