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Home elevators are often permitted to be of lower cost and complexity than full commercial elevators. Alnas elevators provide unique design characteristics suited for home furnishings, such as hinged wooden shaft-access doors or aluminum panel door rather than the typical metal sliding doors. A home elevator can change your life and it's an added value for house.

Alnas Elevator offers a variety of lifts for residential use. Our personalized approach to helping you find the best product for your needs ensures you receive best value and the satisfaction of knowing that you made the right choice.


ALNAS Elevator ajman maintains different types, brands, and ages of elevator works. Our service agents and workers are really experienced and fully trained to maintain a rigid maintenance program designed for your elevators requirements.We service some urgent elevator equipments that other companies cannot do for you. In addition to a pre scheduled monthly/quarterly services, Alnas Elevator has technicians on total 24 hours a day to assist in urgency breakdown and damages or other emergency situations.

Apart from all the maintenance services and safety checks, your elevator could still in state of break down due to wear & tear managements, obsolesce, changing usages and or aesthetic needs . It may mean that our Alnas Elevator Modernization Department will be able to check on both technical systems upgrading or improving the appearance of the lifts at any intervals. Our mechanics and team involved in control system can usually be followed in most types of existing elevators, whether our members made or not. This will enhance traffic handling and decrease waiting time, thereby adequately improving efficiency of works. Lift enhancement in technologies is an ideal opportunity to change the fully drive & control system to reduce the electricity,energy and power consumption of the lifts.

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